Where Are You on Your Journey?

Our work and research with over 1,400 Trainers, Authors and Speakers has uncovered four types of business owners along what we call "The Expert's Journey."  This model is based on two factors, leverage and impact.

Leverage is a measure of how hard you have to work to deliver your products and services to your customers.  An Expert whose business is dependent on him to do almost everything has low leverage, while a business that depends little on the business owner has much higher leverage.

Impact or reach is a measure of how many customers your are serving.  If you stay busy and are operating at or near full capacity, then you are impact is high.  If you wish you were busier and speaking with more clients, then your impact is lower.

This results in a 4 distinct types of Experts as shown in the chart below.

What We Do At Expert Leverage

Our mission is simple - we help Trainers, Authors, and Speakers take their next step in their Expert's Journey.

Everyone's journey is different. Some people are comfortable with their results and are content staying the in the Expert Zone. That's up to you. But if you want to scale your business and grow closer to the Maestro Zone, we can help you do that.

To get more leverage, we offer the Expert Leverage Playbook.   

To reach more customers, we developed our Big Fish, Small Pond program.

To build a sellable business, we offer individual coaching using the Value Builder System.

Since 2015 we've helped worked 1-on-1 with our clients to help them increase their leverage and grow their reach. In our quest to help more Trainers, Authors, and Speakers get these results, we have recently converted our 1-on-1 coaching programs to a hybrid group-coaching format.

WIth multiple offerings of these programs each year, we are helping more Trainers, Authors, and Speakers get the same results as our 1-on-1 clients at a much more affordable investment

Expert Leverage Playbook

For many Trainers, Authors, and Speakers, your business can only go as fast as you can pedal and you do most, if not all the work.

We've been there and done that and have since helped hundreds of business owners break free from those limitations, learning new ways to leverage their intellectual property, generating more high-margin revenue.

With the Expert Leverage Playbook, we've converted our 1-on-1 coaching program into a hybrid group coaching format.  This enables us to help more business owners produce these same results at a lower investment on their part.

We only offer this program a few times each year and limit enrollment to qualified applicants.  If you want to learn how to generate more revenue and profit with less travel and stress, this program can deliver.

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Big Fish, Small Pond

I have heard the following statement from almost every client in one form or another:

"I have great stuff and deliver great results, I just need to get in front of more people."

So based on 20+ years of experience working with our partners and clients, we developed a groundbreaking new marketing approach that we call Big Fish, Small Pond.

This revolutionary new program is offered several times each year in a group format, ala the "Done With You" approach.  We are right beside you, working with you step-by-step, to create your personal roadmap for getting in front of more potential clients. 

So if you indeed have good "stuff" and want to reach more potential customers who are ready to buy, click below to learn more about this exciting program.

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Building a Sellable Business

Two businesses generate the same amount of revenue, yet when it's time to sell, one of the two sells for almost twice the price of the other.  How can that be?

As Certified Value Builders, we know that there are 8 key drivers of business value.  We also know that companies that score high in these areas get TWICE as many offers and sell, on average, for TWICE the value.

Having built and sold several seven-figure training companies, we know first-hand the challenges facing Trainers, Authors, and Speakers that want to build a sellable business.

And sellable means just that - it means you could sell if you wanted to, and at a price you would be happy with. Reach out if you'd like to learn more about this research-based, results-driven coaching program.

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"Expert Leverage is like a 'one-stop-shop' in helping me move my business in the direction I want it to go. Chris and his team have figured out what they want to be great at and it shows!"

-Ken Williams, Unfold the Soul