Are you a Trainer, Author or Speaker Selling to Corporate Customers?

If so, then you're in the right place. We don't work with anyone else, and we only do this one thing:

We make it easier for Trainers, Authors, and Speakers to have more impact, make more money, and do it with less stress.

That's it. And you can do it all without more travel, without more employees, and without more stress.

Chris Ayers

We Can Help You Build ...


We can work alongside you to not only increase your revenue, but increase your profit margin ... at the same time. And show you how to do it all while spending more time working "on your business."

If you are ready to learn more, let's jump on a call to talk about how our flagship Signature Learning Solution program might deliver more revenue at higher margins for you!


Since 2000, my companies have built online learning for some of the largest companies in the world and have taught thousands of individuals to do the same thing.

We know what makes great e-Learning "great" and in today's environment, you want to give your clients something visually appealing, engaging, and interactive. We can do that for you!


Exiting your company is not difficult. Finding out that it's not worth what you thought it was, can be tough. There are specific things you can do now to make your company more valuable later.

We're certified in the Value Builder System, and we know the 8 factors that will drive the value of your company value. So let's talk about how we can help you build value now ... before it's time to transition.

I am not a Guru ... in fact,
I am a lot like you.

I don't drive a Ferrari and you won't see me shooting a video of my palatial estate on the ocean. I have worked in and owned training companies since 2000.

Along the way, I've developed a process for quickly growing both revenue and margins ... a process that has produced significant results for my company and for many of my clients.


"Expert Leverage is like a 'one-stop-shop" in helping me move my business in the direction I want it to go. Chris and his team
have really figured out what they want to be great at and it shows!"

- Ken Williams, Unfold the Soul

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