We Are Expert Leverage

Our mission is clear, concise, and simple. We want to make it easier for Trainers, Authors, and Speakers to have more impact, make more money, and do it all with less stress. That's it.

That's all we do. Every day is spent helping Trainers, Authors, and Speakers grow their businesses using something we call the “Expert Leverage Model”. We developed this framework over the past 16 years while building several multi-million dollar training companies.

It wasn’t always easy … but we’ve been able to take what worked after tossing aside what didn’t, and ended up with a repeatable system that can generate sustainable results quickly. So if you are a Trainer, Author, or Speaker looking to reach more people, generate more revenue, and differentiate yourself in today’s crowded marketplace, we would love to connect with you to share how I can help you achieve those goals.

Here's My Story

I’m married to my lovely wife, Debra, and we have three daughters and five grandchildren. I got started working for a small sales training company in 2000, after 15 years of working in government and corporate learning and development roles. The owner of this new company told me that if I could help him grow the business, he would sell the company to me one day. That promise spoke to my entrepreneurial spirit, but there was work to be done first.

The company had been successful, but to grow, we needed to do some things differently. It’s like the old adage about “doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.” We had to break through some pretty daunting challenges, maybe some of the same challenges you are facing today.

  • How could we differentiate ourselves in a crowded marketplace?
  • How could we generate more revenue without spending more nights on the road?
  • How could we get scale – grow the business without adding a lot more employees?
  • How could we produce sustainable results and impact for our customers?
  • How could we build real, tangible, bookable value in our business?

What was the Result?

Over the next 7 years, we grew the company into a multi-million dollar organization that:

  • Shut the door on competitors by offering blended, end-to-end learning solutions.
  • Generated millions of dollars in incremental revenue without booking additional travel.
  • Tripled in size while adding only a few additional employees.
  • Produced real, measurable ROI for our customers that extended well beyond the classroom.
  • Included real learning products in multiple languages that generated high-margin revenue.

In 2015, I sold that company for 5x what I paid for it in 2008!

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